Youth work began at Whitefield Shul in 1989 and the Youth Centre was built and completed in 1991 – it now remains as the only purpose built Jewish youth centre of its type, in the whole of the UK. At a time when other youth centres are closing or are struggling to support themselves, WJYC continues to thrive and our doors remain open to the children and young people of our community every week of every month throughout the year.

The youth centre’s role is twofold. Firstly to provide a safe and fun environment for children to come and participate in a wide range of supervised activities on the Shul campus throughout the week. Secondly it provides a platform for the development of Youth Leaders who undertake a structured training programme and in turn organise activities and events for the benefit of the children in the north Manchester community.

You can see all of our services on our services page and our core team are shown below.

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